Video: Is this the most ridiculous corner kick ever?

Kazakhstan league chaos sees contender for most ridiculous corner kick

Patrick Surlis
Published 03/08/2013 11:26 by Patrick Surlis.

When a truck is required to pump water off the pitch, it's probably fair to say the game should be called off - not in Kazakhstan though, and lucky for us it's led to one of the most ridiculous corner kicks of all-time.

A keenly contested tie between Almaty and Ekibastuz in the Kazakhstan League descended into the sort of farce Borat would be proud of as one of the teams attempted to take a corner submerged in a foot of water.

First, they try and throw the ball into play. No, no, no says the referee, we may be playing in frankly ridiculous conditions, but I will not allow the rules of this beautiful game to be trampled upon. 

Wading through 12 inches of water, two brave souls flick the ball up, and volley it into play. Farce successfully averted, sort of. 

Not quite though, as a wayward strike lands straight back in the waterlogged patch of turf. Cue splashing, wet shin pads and a very funny video.

Watch it above...

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