Five of the best: Premier League unsung heroes

Park Ji-Sung set to retire at the end of next season - GMF looks at other unsung Premier League players

Patrick Surlis
Published 03/26/2013 17:20 by Patrick Surlis, read by 54,376 people.

Reports this week have claimed that former-Manchester United midfielder Park Ji-Sung is set to retire from football at the end of next season.

The news shouldn't come as a complete surprise. Anybody forced to endure the befuddled mess at Loftus Road these past eight months must surely be considering their own future.

And Park Ji-Sung, watching on from the bench as his minutes dwindled, first under Mark Hughes and now for Harry Redknapp, must feel it's no longer worth the hassle.

Park is one of those players whose 'prime' is difficult to pinpoint. He was rarely outstanding, but never horrendous.

He always seemed to be present, but wasn't always first-choice. This paradoxical relationship can be partly attributed to the fact that Park always played the 'big games'. He was Sir Alex Ferguson's 'Champions League' player, even if the Champions League games actually happened to take place in the Premier League.

Often required to shackle an opponent's most threatening wide-man, Park was religiously deployed against the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. He was dependable, consistent and trusted. And he had the happy knack of scoring important goals.

He was an unsung hero, if only because his performances weren't flamboyantly eye-catching. They were industrial, earned by sweat and measured in hard yards. He was the Henry Ford of the Premier League - efficient, productive and simply effective.

So, we're looking for kindred spirits here. The underrated or under-appreciated unsung heroes of the Premier League. Here's our five, can you think of any others?

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