Top Five: Deadliest teams in the Premier League

Which team averages the fewest shots-per-goal in the Premier League this season?

Pete South
Published 03/28/2013 15:47 by Pete South, read by 95,963 people.

Our good friends over at revealed some new statistics today.

They produced a list of the Premier League teams who average the most shots on goal-per-game - and it made for some interesting reading.

Liverpool, for example, appear not have learned their lesson from last season and average the most shots on goal in the English top flight, yet are only the third highest goalscorers in the league.

So that got us thinking; if Liverpool have had the most shots but two teams have scored more goals, who is the Premier League's most efficient team when it comes to putting the ball in the back of the net? 

We decided to do a bit of research and pull together the top five Premier League teams who have required the fewest shots for each goal they have scored in the league this season. Enjoy


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