European league dream team XI

Lionel Messi makes it into a specially devised European XI - but Cristiano Ronaldo misses out

Patrick Surlis
Published 04/09/2013 16:13 by Patrick Surlis, read by 43,194 people.

Picking a best XI from across Europe is tough enough, but we at GMF like a challenge - so we've added one crucial rule to give this team a little twist.

Each top European league can only submit one player - so no Messi AND Ronaldo, it's Messi OR Ronaldo.

As a result, compromises will be made. The top strikers from all the divisions can't all make it. Yilmaz, Bony, Messi, Ronaldo, Cavani, Suarez, Van Persie - there's more options than places.

And don't forget, only one player from each league - so if you pick Vincent Kompany, there's no slot for Robin Van Persie. Not as easy as it sounds, then.

Now, we've had to climb pretty far down the European ladder to get 11 leagues - so as well as the big five, we've got the Scottish Premier League, the Ukrainian and Russian, the Portuguese, Eredivisie and Turkish top flight.

It's one big juggling act, and not everyone (if anyone) will agree with our selections, so that's why we invite you to pick your own team in the comment box below!

As ever, click the arrows at the bottom of the article to scroll through and see the team… 

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