Video: Is this the worst own goal of the season?

Video: Utrecht defender Mike van der Hoorn scores hilarious own goal against AZ

Will Haine
Published 04/14/2013 14:49 by Will Haine, read by 13,893 people.

If sporting epicaricacy is something you enjoy, then deriving pleasure from the misfortune of poor Mike van der Hoorn will hardly prove a particularly tricky task.

Van der Hoorn has guaranteed himself a place on blooper reels for years to come, following one of the most ridiculous own goals you are ever likely to witness at the top level.

After a rather ignominious piece of defending from a FC Utrecht teammate results in the ball landing at the feet of the Dutch under-21 centre-back, Van der Hoorn inexplicably bundles it into his own net.

Stumbling around as though an AZ player had tied his laces together, Van der Hoorn proceeds to get himself in a horrible mess, and slices a pathetic clearance into the goal, as Utrecht stumbled to a 6-0 defeat.

Watch the embarrassing own goal in the video below...

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