Referee demands £157,000 compensation after testicle tug

Referee demands compensation after he was attacked by an assistant coach

Patrick Surlis
Published 04/23/2013 15:16 by Patrick Surlis, read by 19,699 people.

A Kenyan referee is demanding compensation from his football federation after he was squeezed in the testicles by an assistant coach following a red card decision.

After flashing a second yellow card for a foul in a match last September, Martin Wekesa sent off the offender from Kenyan side Sparki. But he claims that sparked a pitch invasion and he was set upon by Sparki players and officials, with one latching on to his testicles.

He said: "I tried my best to defend myself but I was kicked and knocked, and one of the assistant coaches, he just came to me directly and he attacked me in my private parts.

"He pulled my testicles. He actually pressed them and I was hanging on him when he was pulling me. I was crying and could not get myself out from his hands," Wekesa continued.

The referee is now demanding close to £157,000 in compensation for medical bills and the anguish caused to his marriage as a result, and he's made a formal complaint to the Football Kenya Federation (FKF).

"We used to live as wife and husband. Nowadays we don't, so that's how the life has changed," said his wife Mary Wekesa. 

Daudi Kajembe is the alleged testicle squeezer but he has pleaded not guilty to causing grevious bodily harm.

Wekesa was saved after the attack by a passing police officer, but he still suffers from the pain now. "It is so painful, painful, painful in my areas," said Wekesa.

Kajembe is due to appear in court in Mombasa, Kenya on Thursday. 

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