Video: Indonesian footballer gets life ban after breaking referee’s nose

Pieter Rumaropen punches referee – gets life ban from Indonesian FA after controversial penalty decision

Mark Bollons
Published 04/26/2013 11:29 by Mark Bollons, read by 100,418 people.

Indonesian footballer Pieter Rumaropen has been banned for life after punching a referee from behind.

The Persiwa Wamena has been handed the ultimate football punishment for his indiscretion, with the PSSI (Indonesian Football Association) admitting they simply could not tolerate such an act of violence.

"This was a terrible act that we cannot tolerate,” said Hinca Panjaitan, according to The Daily Express.

"It has tarnished the image of Indonesian football in the international community, I hope this punishment will repair  that."

Rumaropen was incensed by the referee’s decision to give Pelita Bandung Raya a penalty in the 81st minute of their Super League match.

However, his actions led to a 15-minute stoppage in play at the weekend, breaking referee Muhaimin’s nose with the single swing and leaving him needing hospital treatment. Later reports claimed the official required four stitches.

It’s a moment the 29-year-old striker is sure to regret, as he will never play competitively again in his homeland.

Watch the unbelievable video of the incident below:

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