Video: Turkish midfielder pulls off outrageous flying scorpion-kick goal

Huseyin Akoglu of Nazilli scores brilliant scorpion-kick goal in Turkish lower-league fixture

Pete South
Published 04/30/2013 11:51 by Pete South, read by 11,277 people.

Right, I'm going to be honest with you here. I need about 150-200 words to pad out until I can drop in the video you have clicked here to see.

You see that little advert down there on the left, just down there? Well, the video has to go in after that. And as you can probably see from the very fact you're reading this sentence, we still have someway to go before we reach there.

Stick with it though, because the video is worth it. The problem is that it's from the Turkish lower leagues and there's not a great deal to be said other than 'watch this video'.

What I can tell you is that it involves a chap by the name of Huseyin Akoglu, who while playing for Nazilli (I know, can you believe he signed for them?!) in their 1-1 draw against Polatli Bugsasspor.

Akoglu pulls off a sensational flying scorpion kick that would have made Rene Higuita weep with joy.

Right we're past the advert, that wasn't too painful was it? Hang on, you're just going to scan down to the video aren't you? Why do I bother...

Here's Higuita's effort against England in 1995 as well..

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