New report reveals the strongest league on the planet

New research shows the Bundesliga is now the best football league in the world

Pete South
Published 04/30/2013 16:55 by Pete South, read by 39,519 people.

Who would have thought we'd ever see the day when German football was, you know, cool?

Years of dodgy mullets and an unnerving ability to put the ball in the back of the net from the penalty spot haven't exactly made them the coolest kids on the block - but that's all changed now.

Indeed, we're on the verge of a Bundesliga revolution with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund close to setting up an all-German Champions League final with Barcelona and Real Madrid trailing in their wakes.

Of course the fact that both teams play a brand of football that's easy on the eye while also maintaining a link to their supporters thanks to their cheap tickets and fan-ownership models means they are the flavour of the month.

However if new statistics are to be believed, they are certainly a little bit more than that.

New in-depth research by new social networking and peer-gaming service, has revealed that contrary to what the Premier League's marketing department might have you believe - it is in fact the Bundesliga that is the greatest football league on the planet.

The Greatest Football League Report examines five key factors such as revenue and attendance/value, and pits a selection of national leagues against one another to find out once and for all - which league is best.

Speaking about the report, founder John Hughes, said: “The Bundesliga has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and is beginning to make a concerted challenge on the European front with two of its top teams reaching the semi-finals of the Champions’ League.  

"Teams in the Bundesliga are extremely well followed, and the accessibility of ticket prices makes the German elite division great value for money."

So without further ado, click through to see the top nine national football leagues on the planet.


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