Video: ITV cut off Mourinho interview as he prepares to reveal next club

Jose Mourinho cut-off by broadcaster mid-interview as he appeared on the verge of revealing summer move

Pete South
Published 05/01/2013 10:26 by Pete South, read by 12,080 people.

It's a technique perfected and honed by soap operas the world over (and butchered by Chris Tarrant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, lets be honest) - we are of course talking about the art of suspense.

At its subtle best it can be captivating; the raise of an eyebrow, the cackle of an evil mother-in-law whose syphoned off millions from the geriatric lover  - then boom! End titles, leave 'em wanting more. Textbook stuff.

But, hello, what's this? ITV and their football coverage want a slice of the ol' suspense pie do they?

Well, what better way is there to leave their viewers wanting more than by cutting off the world's most famous football manager when he was on the verge of revealing who he would take charge of next season after months of speculation? The wily old dogs.

Jose Mourinho was speaking to the British television station following Real Madrid's Champions League exit last night - and was asked about where he will be next season.

The Special One drew breath and was about to deliver his final flourish after months of nudge-nudging and wink-winking.

This was it. The final bow before the curtain fell on a remarkable three years in Madrid. Is it Chelsea? Manchester City? PSG? Who, Jose, Who?!?

He opened his mouth and then what happened? He was cut off by a flustered Gabriel Clarke who blurted "I'll take it that means [you're going to] England, I've got to go'. Cue advert break. Always leave them wanting more.

Sadly he was also about to reveal the whereabouts of Shergar and just how Joleon Lescott's shorts manage to shackle his tackle without ripping. Now we'll never know. Pity

Check out ITV's latest howler below.

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