Video: World's best strikers set to wear world's worst football boots

Video: Sergio Aguero and Radamel Falcao to wear outlandish Puma boots in key games

Pete South
Published 05/01/2013 14:22 by Pete South, read by 45,564 people.

Modern footballers aren't exactly shy and retiring when it comes to choosing their footwear.

Indeed, it seems a long-time ago that the good-old fashioned ubiquitous black boot was the industry standard - nowadays even Scott Parker (a more obvious 'black-boot' player it is hard to think of) is donning ultra-modern fluorescent pink numbers.

Most of the grumbling has been dismissed as old-fashioned types failing to move with the times.

Until now that is; step forward Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

The Citizens' forward will don the, ahem, garish, Puma evoSPEED 1.2 CAMO in none other than the FA Cup final against Wigan later this month.

Atletico Madrid superstar Radamel Falcao will follow suit, and will wear the wild pink polka-dot boots for his side's games against Deportivo La Coruna this Saturday and then Barcelona eight days later.

According to the marketing spiel, the boots - released later this month - have a new 'speedtrack outsole' which they say 'improves turning and reactivity' in addition to a new monolayer microfibre that covers the boots to enhance a players touch and feel of the ball.

That may well be the case but it’s hard to marvel at their technical merits while blinded by the very sight of them. Check out Falcao in the promotional trailer and let us know what you think of them below.

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