World's Greatest: 5-a-side team

If the world's best players still played 5-a-side, who would make the greatest ever team?

Pete South
Published 05/01/2013 16:17 by Pete South, read by 34,468 people.

According to the Telegraph, over 1.1 million people play 'small-sided' football games in the UK.

Most football fans enjoy nothing more than telling their on-pitch heroes how to play the game before waddling round a patch of astroturf and trying to replicate what they have seen - usually unsuccessfully.

But wouldn't it be great if some of the world's best professional footballers actually still played 5-a-side? And if they did, who would make the world's greatest 5-a-side team?

thanks to a bit of inspiration from TwitterWell, we thought we'd have a go () at naming what we think would be the best small-sided football team on the planet. Think you can do better? Leave your team below!

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