Premier League Resurrection Stars

GMF pick out the Premier League players that have turned their fortunes around

Brendan Simpson
Published 05/01/2013 17:16 by Brendan Simpson, read by 46,330 people.

Now, before we go on we must get one thing straight: this is not about Premier League stars that have die and come back to life; it’s just a figure of speech.

What GMF means by the Premier League’s best resurrection stars is that we have picked out a few players that have turned their fortunes around this season.

Such is football fandom these days, players having a bit of trouble with form are often slated mercilessly until they become a pathetic, crumpled mess of nervousness.

While it is a shame to see such a situation, it is difficult to place yourself into the shoes of the frustrated fan, who can only see a body taking up a place in the team that could be given to a player in better form.

Such doldrums are only offset by the glorious sight of said player having that first game where things don’t go so terribly wrong, where the first brick is laid in rebuilding confidence and reputation, before culminating in a full resurrection of form.

A wondrous sight is that of a player striding around the pitch, making decisive interventions without a moment’s hesitation – it is a new man.

GMF isn’t sure if you, dear reader, feel quite so passionately about it as GMF does, but we picked out a few Premier League stars that this may apply to.

Click on to check them out.

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