Premier League Resurrection Stars

GMF pick out the Premier League players that have turned their fortunes around

Brendan Simpson
Published 01/05/2013 17:16 by Brendan Simpson, read by 47,663 people.

Carlos Tevez, Manchester City

Ok, playing form has not really been a great issue for the Argentine but he has made a resurrection of sorts when it comes to his reputation.

Tevez was on self-imposed exile following a Champions League bust up with Roberto Mancini and it looked as though the situation was only ever going to end with him at another club.

Much to the surprise of many, it didn’t play out like that; Tevez was not allowed to leave and was forced to return from his golf playing and turn out for the Citizens once more.

Tevez’s effort has never been in question and he showed similar desire when booed by Manchester City fans on his return to win them back round.

What do you think of GMF’s resurrection stars? Which players do you think have turned their fortunes around? Leave a comment below to let us know...

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