Video: Mario Balotelli targets golf cart during AC Milan training

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli tries to hit man in golf cart during training

Mark Bollons
Published 03/05/2013 15:19 by Mark Bollons, read by 29,555 people.

Mario Balotelli is a man who regularly makes headlines in both the front and back of newspapers.

And, whilst this video isn’t massive news, it’s classic Balotelli, as the Italian maverick once again shows his funny side.

Rather than focus on the training session that’s taking place, the former Manchester City star opted to take part in some target practice – with a man driving a golf cart.

Unfortunately, the AC Milan star fails to hit the target, making contact with a tree instead of the moving vehicle.

Check out the video below, first seen on 101 Great Goals, and let us know your favorite Balotelli moment in his brilliant career…

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