Video: Russian forward goes mad & kicks defender in the stomach

Watch Russian striker Yaroslav Dmitriev kicks defender in the stomach during Estonian match

Brendan Simpson
Published 03/05/2013 16:05 by Brendan Simpson, read by 45,272 people.

Professional players are often criticised for going down too easily or feigning injury, but we don’t think there is any room for such accusations on this particular occasion.

Football is an emotional business and most players don’t take kindly to losing, but GMF fees this Russian striker perhaps has to address his reaction to losing a football match.

Estonian second division side Puuma were getting a pasting at Rakvere Tarvas when Yaroslav Dmitriev absolutely lost it after getting jostled by one of the home defenders.

The red mist fell on the forward and he sent a kick into the midriff of said defender.

The 24-year-old realised he would more than likely get a red card and most likely thought it couldn’t get any worse for him when he decided to kick the ball into defender lying prone on the floor.

It was utter madness – watch the incident below for yourself.

Credit to 101GreatGoals for bringing Dmitriev’s moment of madness to our attention.


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