Top Five: Most Crucial Premier League Games

Is Spurs' game against Chelsea the most crucial in Premier League history

Pete South
Published 06/05/2013 15:11 by Pete South, read by 36,824 people.

Tottenham take on Chelsea on Wednesday evening in the game being billed as the most important remaining fixture in the Premier League this season.

A win for Spurs and they are in pole position to beat Arsenal and claim a Champions League qualification spot – and all the money and sway that comes with it.

If they miss out they are consigned to the Europa League dustbin for another season. While Chelsea’s situation is slightly different, a loss would hurt their top four chances – a season away from the top table of European football is unthinkable for the Blues.

Indeed it is hard to think of a Premier League game which has more riding on it. Well, even with that billing we’ve given it a go – here are the five most crucial games in Premier League history.


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