Top Five: Most Crucial Premier League Games

Is Spurs' game against Chelsea the most crucial in Premier League history

Pete South
Published 06/05/2013 15:11 by Pete South, read by 37,006 people.

Arsenal v Leicester

Probably not a game that most people outside a certain section of north London remember – but it had so much riding on it, it would have been so easy for Arsenal to buckle.

It was of course the final game of the 2003/04 “Invincibles” season and the Gunners, having clinched the title against rivals Tottenham a few weeks earlier, faced a tricky few games to become the first team since Preston in the 1880’s to go a season unbeaten.

On the last day of the season they faced a relegated Leicester City at home – easy enough right? Well it was the visitors who went ahead to leave Arsene Wenger’s men looking down the barrel of the worst thing imaginable happening.

This team was something special however and they roared back through goals from Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira to seal their place in history.

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